Milton Show 2018: get your entry form here

Looking for a copy of the Milton Show 2018 general entry form?

Download it here.

You can also download a copy of your competitive section’s schedule and information pack from the (numerically ordered) list below:

Dressage schedule (section 1)

MS2018 dressage schedule

Horses schedule (section 2)

MS2018 horse schedule

Rodeo schedule (section 3)

MS2018 rodeo schedule

Dairy cattle schedule (section 4)

MS2018 dairy and beef cattle schedule

Beef cattle schedule (section 5)

MS2018 dairy and beef cattle schedule

Poultry schedule (section 6)

MS2018 poultry schedule

Dogs schedule (section 7)

MS2018 dogs schedule

Cats schedule (section 8)

MS2018 cats schedule

Pet show schedule (section 9)

MS2018 pet show schedule

Juniors schedule (section 10)

MS2018 juniors schedule

Home brew beer, amateur wine, liqueurs, spirits schedule (section 11)

MS2018 home brew schedule

Farm produce schedule (section 12)

MS2018 farm produce schedule

Vegetables schedule (section 13)

MS2018 vegetables schedule

Fruit schedule (section 14)

MS2018 fruit schedule

Flowers schedule (section 15)

MS2018 flowers schedule

Pot plants schedule (section 16)

MS2018 pot plants schedule

Needlework schedule (section 17)

MS2018 needlework schedule

Hand knitting and crochet schedule (section 18)

MS2018 hand knitting schedule

Handspun and weaving schedule (section 19)

MS2018 handspun weaving schedule

Handcraft schedule (section 20)

MS2018 handcraft schedule

Tapestry, canvas, needlepoint work schedule (section 21)

MS2018 tapestry schedule

Structural design schedule (section 22)

MS2018 structural design schedule

Preserves schedule (section 23)

MS2018 preserves schedule

Jams and jellies schedule (section 24)

MS2018 jams jellies schedule

Homemade cooking schedule (section 25)

MS2018 homemade cooking schedule

Photography schedule (section 26)

MS2018 photography schedule

Art schedule (section 27)

MS2018 art schedule

Bonsai schedule (section 28)

MS2018 bonsai schedule

Quilts, wall hangings schedule (section 29)

MS2018 quilts schedule

Hooky and proggy rugs schedule (section 30)

MS2018 hooky proggy rugs schedule

Woodcraft schedule (section 31)

MS2018 woodcraft schedule

Show theme (Milk and Meat) schedule (section 32)

MS2018 show theme schedule

Woodchopping schedule (section 33)

MS2018 woodchopping schedule

Utes and trucks schedule (section 34)

MS2018 ute and truck schedule

Farmers’ challenge schedule (section 35)

MS2018 farmers challenge schedule

Poetry schedule (section 36)

MS2018 poetry schedule

Show ambassadors’ schedule (section 37)

MS2018 show ambassadors schedule

Show logo design competition

Milton Show Society logo design competition

Additional information

Information on closing dates for entries can be download here.

Note, too, that certain competitive sections (e.g. poetry) require that competitors use the section-specific entry form.

Get in contact with us, via our Contact Form, if you have questions about competing at Milton Show 2018. Or visit our dedicated Compete webpage for links to your competitive section.

See you at Milton Show 2018.