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We’re celebrating our 150th in 2019

Milton Show is an annual show and exhibition hosted by Milton Show Society Inc. As a member of Agricultural Societies Council of New South Wales, Milton Show showcases the agricultural, horticultural and pastoral activities of our community. Children and young adults are important participants in our annual show. They are also some of our most discerning visitors. Raising awareness of the contribution of agriculture and horticulture to our community is a significant goal of the event.

Milton Show will be 150 years old in 2019.

Not-for-profit organisation

Milton Show Society Inc is a registered charity and not-for-profit organisation (ABN: 56 729 615 731) responsible for organising the Milton Show, Arena Sorting Events and South Coast Wine Show.

Office bearers

A list of Milton Show Society office bearers, including executive committee, general committee, ladies auxiliary, auditors and patrons, can be downloaded here.

Past presidents and secretaries

A list of Milton Show Society’s past and present presidents and secretaries, since 1866, can be downloaded here or from our Document Download page.

By-laws of the show

  1. Financial Members of the Association shall be entitled to free entry to the Show, as well as a vehicle.
  2. School excursions to the Milton Show will be entitled free entry for children in school uniform accompanied by a teacher.
  3. Unless stated in a particular section all exhibits must be delivered on the ground to the Exhibition Committee or Stewards before 10am on the day before the show.
  4. Exhibits must be good of their kind, unless they may be the best exhibited, they will not receive a prize.
  5. Competitors in Section 1 must enter the ring when requested by the Steward in Charge. Those failing to do so may be penalised by the Chief Steward.
  6. The Committee reserves the right to refuse any exhibitor entry to a class if the exhibitor or his agent fails to obey the instructions of a Steward.
  7. Prizes will be paid by the Treasurer within 28 days after the show; but if the same be not claimed within six months after the show, the prize money be forfeited and revert to the Association.
  8. The Committee may refuse to receive objectionable exhibits or may compel the removal of such.
  9.  Should there be any reason to suspect that any exhibit is either diseased or dangerous; the Committee reserves the right of removing the same from or refusing admittance to the exhibition.
  10. The Committee will not be responsible for any accident that may be caused by or through any exhibit; and it shall be a condition of entry that such exhibitor shall hold the Society blameless and indemnify it against any legal proceedings arising from any such accident.
  11. The Committee will not, under any circumstances, hold themselves responsible for any loss or misdelivery of livestock or other exhibits at the Society’s exhibition, or for any damage thereto.
  12. No animal to exhibit in more than one class, except for special prizes, or in Section 1,  Open Class and Section 4, Pens, group Progeny and Champion.
  13. Owners of all bulls and stallions must have the same trained to lead, otherwise they will not be admitted to the exhibition.
  14. All pavilion exhibits will be considered the property of the Committee until 5.00pm on the last day of Show, when the Chief Steward will close the hall and none but exhibitors providing a ticket will be allowed in after that time. The Committee will exercise all care over the exhibits, but will not incur any responsibility for loss or damage. Exhibitors’ tickets will be given to exhibitor making entry.
  15. No entry will be received for any category unless the conditions of the by-laws are abided by. Any disputes, claims and objections arising from any clause shall be decided by the Executive of the Association together with the Chief Steward of the relevant section, whose decision on all points connected with the carrying out of the program shall be accepted as final.
  16. Protests against any animal or article receiving a prize must be in writing, and must be lodged with the Secretary, not later than 24 hours after completion of the Show, accompanied with a fee of $25, which shall be forfeited to the Association if the matter of protest be not proved to the satisfaction of the Protest Committee. The exhibitor of any article or animal protested against shall be invited to meet the Protest Committee at a time and place named by the Secretary, and if such exhibitor fails to attend personally or by proxy he shall forfeit his right to the prize or prizes so protested against. The Protest Committee shall consist of the President and Vice Presidents of the Association, together with the Chief Steward of the Section involved in the particular protest, and the decision of such Committee shall be final.
  17. Any person interfering with the Judges while in the execution of their duty, or openly showing disrespect to the decisions, will be liable to be brought before the Committee and punished, either by fine or disqualification for a maximum term of up to five (5) years, or both.
  18. No person will be admitted to the pavilion building, except officials, until the prizes are awarded.
  19. A heifer is a female beast that has never had a calf and has not more than six permanent teeth.
  20. The Committee may abandon the Exhibition or any event thereof through wet weather or for any reason which may take such a course advisable in the opinion of the Committee. Should the Show or any event be abandoned or cancelled, the exhibitors shall be entitled to a return of the entrance fee paid out but no further course of action, liability or obligation shall be maintained or be incurred by the Committee or by the Association by reason of such abandonment, or cancellation.
  21. Competitors in the miscellaneous classes are requested to enter the ring immediately the bell is sounded for the event, otherwise the class where any delay occurs will be passed over and marked out of the program.
  22. Equestrian Federation Rules to apply to Table A Jumping Contest.

News, announcements, updates

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